GreenHill offers fine and functional artwork for purchase all year round. In our shop, you can find original artwork, artisan kitchen and tableware, handmade home décor, and one of a kind jewelry by more than 100 North Carolina artists. You are sure to find pieces with personality and local flair that suit any budget or occasion.


Katherine Adams   Asheville NC Glass
Peggy Adelman   Greensboro NC Basketry
Sotia Alimonos   Greensboro NC Fiber
Drew Arthur Lit Candle Co. Greensboro NC Candle Making
Andrew Avakian   Asheville NC Clay
Sasha Bakaric   Chapel Hill NC Clay
Sarah Band The Olio Winston Salem NC Glass
Amy Barnard Wayward Stitch Raleigh NC Fiber
Una Barrett   Portland OR Jewelry
Raman Bhardwaj   Greensboro NC Painting & Drawing
Elia Bizzarri   Hillsborough NC Wood
Elena Bondar Trende Femme Raleigh NC Fiber
Mary Beth Boone   Greensboro NC Printmaking
Paul Bright E.D.I.A. Maps Concord NC  
Keith Buckner   Greensboro NC Painting
Rebeccah Byer The Olio Winston Salem NC Glass
Clay Carmichael   Chapel Hill NC Card
Dr. Temeka Carter The Black Belt Soap Company Greensboro NC Soap Making
Buzz Coren Featherwood Burnsville NC Jewelry
Gabriella Corter   Raleigh NC Mixed Media
Kathleen Dautel Spark Metal Studio Raleigh NC Jewelry
Heather Delisle   Hillsborough NC Clay
Courtney Dodd Little Dipper Asheville NC Glass
Sondra Dorn   Asheville NC Mixed Media
Sharon Dowell   Charlotte NC Painting
Susan Edquist   Colfax NC Jewelry
Adrienne Eliades   Vancouver WA Pottery
Henryk Fantazos   Hillsborough NC Printmaking
Lorin Fields   Greensboro NC Fiber and Paper
MC Floyd Nicolay Steel Thread Raleigh NC Jewelry
Charlotte Foust   Rowland NC Painting
Holly Fouts   Asheville NC Book Making
Andie Freeman   Apex NC Painting
Hollis Gabriel   Greensboro NC Fiber
Kathryn Gauldin   Greensboro NC Fiber
John Geci   Bakersville NC Glass
Joanna Gollberg   Asheville NC Jewelry
Joe Grant III   Elon NC Glass
Annie Grimes-Williams Copper Tide Winston-Salem NC Jewelry
Porter Halyburton   Greensboro NC Clay
Paige Hamilton-Davis   Celo Community NC Metal
Michael Hamlin-Smith   Charlotte NC Clay
Janet Harriman   Syrna NC Jewelry
Ellen Hathaway   Raleigh NC Painting
Delores J. Hayes   Durham NC Clay
Amy Heywood   Greensboro NC Painting
Bob Holtje   Lewisville NC Wood
Bill Johnston   Greensboro NC Pottery
Bill Jones   Greensboro NC Pottery
Sam Jordan   Greensboro NC Clay
Jennie Lorette Keatts JLK Jewelry Seagrove NC Jewelry
Steve Kelly Kelly Pottery Wilmington NC Clay
Ndidi Kowalczyk Hothouse Posey Garner NC Jewelry
Emily Lees   Chapel Hill NC Clay
Po-Wen Liu   Jamestown NC Clay
Mimi Logothetis   Cedar Grove NC Clay
Francesco Lombardo   Marshall NC Painting
Melissa Lovingood   Greensboro NC Metals
Lauren Markley   Raleigh NC Metal
Judi Magier   Greensboro NC Fabric
Jill Evers Martin   Charlotte NC Painting
Andrew McCarn Carolina Grain Co. Lexington NC Wood
Barbara McFadyen   Chapel-Hill NC Jewelry & Enamel
Barbara Rizzo Mellin   Winston-Salem NC Printmaking
Rebecca Miles   Greensboro NC Fiber
Jessie Rae Moncla   Greensboro NC Illustration
Paula Montgomery   Pinehurst NC Painting
The Olio   Winston Salem NC Glass
Travis Owens Jugtown Seagrove NC Clay
Pam Owens Jugtown Seagrove NC Clay
Bayle Owens Jugtown Seagrove NC Clay
Vernon Owens Jugtown Seagrove NC  
Ron Philbeck   Shelby NC Clay
Michelle Podgorski   Charlotte NC Painting
Jessie Reinerth   Asheville NC Pottery
John D. Richards Yummy Mud Puddle Burnsville NC Mixed Media
Holden Richards   Hillsborough NC Photography
Dawn Marie Rozzo   Raleigh NC Painting & Drawing
Kathleen Ryall   Oxford NC Clay
David Sackett   Mt. Holly NC Ceramics
Trish Salmon   Canton NC Clay
Elisa Sanchez   Charlotte NC Illustration
Kat Seno   Greensboro NC Collage
Hitomi Shibata Studio Touya Seagrove NC Pottery
Takuro Shibata Studio Touya Seagrove NC Pottery
Linda Simpson   Cary NC Jewelry
Leah Smith   Mebane NC Drawing
Linda Spitsen   Greensboro NC Painting & Drawing
Martin Stankus   Burnsville NC Clay
Erica Stankwytch-Bailey   Arden NC Jewelry
Grace Stott   Charlotte NC Mixed Media
Jack Stratton   Greensboro NC Painting
Paul Sumner   Greensboro NC Wood
Janet Taylor   Asheville NC Fiber
Sarah Tector   Raleigh NC Jewelry
Emily Triplett   Carrboro NC Jewelry
Tara Underwood   Asheville NC Clay
Andrea Vail   Charlotte NC Mixed Media
Bob Wagner   Greensboro NC Furniture
Susan Weimer   Greensbro NC Fiber
Jessica C. White   Asheville NC Print
Curry Wilkinson   Mebane NC Pottery
Hayden Dakota Wilson   Asheville NC Glass
Mona Wu   Winston-Salem NC Card
Jessica Yelverton Highbrow Hippie Greensboro NC Painting
Cindy Zhan   Greensboro NC Painting






Ryan-Ashley Anderson Smart + Becker Knoxville TN Jewelry
Meredith Bridges   Chapel Hill NC Fiber
Caitlin Cary   Raleigh NC Fiber
Daphne Cohan The High Fiber Weaverville NC Fiber
Brandon Cordrey   Raleigh NC Mixed Media
Drew Deane   Brevard NC Mixed Media
Elise Delfield   Bryson City NC Clay
Angela Eastman   Hurdle Mills NC Jewelry
Colin Eckhart   Raleigh NC Metal
Dale Edwards   Greensboro NC Painting
Maria Eife   Philadelphia PA Jewelry
Nicole Elliott   Greensboro NC Jewelry
Melissa Engler   Asheville NC Wood
Lawrence Feir   Greensboro NC Glass
Anne Fiala   Charlotte NC Jewelry
Jeremy A. Fineman   Greenville NC Clay
Michelle Folkman   Greensobro NC Ornaments
Paul Friedrich   Raleigh NC Print
Naomi Galbreath   Greensboro NC Clay
John Gall   Greensboro NC Painting
Sally Garner   Asheville NC Fiber
Kristin Gibson   Carolina Beach NC Fiber
Geoffrey D. Giles   Asheville NC Jewelry
Lisa Gist-Walker   Chapel Hill NC Reclaimed
Lisa Gluckin   Bakersville NC Wood
Valerie Hawkins   Lancaster SC Clay
Jayme Hennel Hennel Paper Company Huntersville NC Card
Jayme Hennell Hennel Paper Company Charlotte NC Card
Judy S. Henricks   Elon College NC Painting
Lowell T. Hoisington III   Greensboro NC Clay
Bryant Holsenbeck   Durham NC Fiber
Kelly Brooke Howard   High Point NC Clay
Claire Jacobs   Raleigh NC Jewelry
Anne Kiefaber   Greensboro NC Painting
Cathy Kiffney   Chapel Hill NC Clay
Dot Kimelman   Greensboro NC Metal
Jennifer Kincaid   Asheville NC Clay
Pamela Kosorok   Chapel Hill NC Fiber
Mary Kruger   Raleigh NC Fiber
Judy Levine   Asheville NC Fiber
Mavis Liggett   Oak Ridge NC Painting
Henry Link   Greensboro NC Painting
Betty Helen Longhi   Lexington NC Jewelry
Jo Lovvorn   Hillsborough NC Clay
Allison Luce   Mooresville NC Mixed Media
Amber Marshall   Spruce Pine NC Glass
Ashley Reid Martin   Sullivan's Island NC Metal
Courntey Martin   Bakersville NC Clay
Kristine May   Winston Salem NC Doll-Making
Brett McDonough   Boone NC Pottery
Terri McNaughton   Greensboro NC Photography
Jennifer Mecca   Gastonia NC Clay
Julie Merrill   Asheville NC Jewelry
Rebecca Montgomery-Rich   Apex NC Fiber
Michael Northuis   Greensboro NC Painting
Susan O'Leary   Jamestown NC Clay
Ben Owen   Seagrove NC Clay
Deik Pierce   Greensboro NC Clay
Graeme Priddle   Asheville NC Wood
Jason Probstein   Asheville NC Glass
Jason Rafferty   Asheville NC Painting
Kristianne Ripple   Wake Forest NC Print
Patrick Robertson   Charlotte NC Mixed Media
Alex Runde   Charlotte NC FIber
Pete Sack   Raleigh NC Painting
Valerie Schnaufer   Spruce Pine NC Clay
Kristin Schoonover   Asheville NC Clay
Joel & Ashley Selby This Paper Ship Saxapahaw NC Card
Caitie Sellers   Asheville NC Jewelry
Kristen Shearon   Charlotte NC Mixed Media
Sam Shelby   Roanoke Rapids NC Painting
TJ Shelly   Hurdle Mills NC Painting
Rachel Siminoski   Greensboro NC Painting
Annie Singletary   Black Mountain NC Clay
Mesa Somer   Durham NC Photography
Brittany Sondberg   Greensboro NC Jewelry
Jack Stratton   Greensboro NC Painting
Susan Strazzella   Asheville NC Mixed Media
Jennifer Strickland   Chapel Hill NC Glass
Angelique Tassistro   Asheville NC Clay
Ann Tilley   Julian NC Mixed Media
Jason Van Duyn   Raleigh NC Wood
Charles Waldroup   Greenville NC Wood
Julia Weber   Asheville NC Clay
Jennifer Wells   Columbia NC Jewelry
Sarah West   Raleigh NC Sculpture
Rhianna Wurman   Asheville NC Card
Jared Zehmer   Seagrove NC Clay