YAK (Young Artists Kollective) is an interactive themed-based educational program where young artists problem-solve, use exciting new art materials, look at and learn about art and artists and meet fellow artists. This year’s them is a celebration of the seasons through art. 

Time and Day:  4:00-5:15 PM on the first Tuesday of the month for k-2nd graders and the second Tuesday for 3rd-6th graders.

Cost: Each four-month session (one meeting per month) is $35. 

note: children may register for YAK after start date | fee will be prorated

February - May 2020


February YAK | Snowflake Bentley

YAK members will hear the story of Wilson Bentley, aka Snowflake Bentley, the man who was the first to photograph 


March YAK | Wind Socks

YAK member will celebrate this windy month by creating a sculpture that will move with the breeze.


April YAK | Paper Pulp Bowls

For this Earth Day art celebration YAK members will make pulp from recycled materials and turn it into a hand-made bowl.


May YAK | Felt Flowers

April Showers bring May flowers! YAK members will make whimsical felt flowers and learn stitching techniques in the process.