Pop-Up Resident: Dare Coulter
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GreenHill is excited to welcome Dare Coulter as our first Pop-Up Resident of 2016! Dare recently graduated with a degree in Art & Design from The School of Design at NC State University and works as a sculptor, illustrator, and muralist. She comes to the Pop-Up Residency with boundless ideas and an infectious energy. She has a history of working closely with portraiture and the human body and makes this an important part of her vision for her residency.




Dare says about her work, “Faces have an untapped potential with art because of our innate understanding of how they convey emotion. You can make use of really small details, micro-expressions, to convey a lot in a way that’s more powerful than words." During her 10-day residency Dare will be using cardboard to create an immersive exhibit of portraiture, featuring bold lines, figurative illustration, and vibrant colors.  She will also work with visitors in the ArtQuest studios to create figurative sculptures to be featured in her final piece, displayed during First Friday on March 4, 2016. 



GreenHill’s Pop-Up Residency program provides a space and materials for emerging artists to create and exhibit artworks in a family friendly education setting. Artists work in the ArtQuest studio during regular business hours, providing a unique opportunity to share their work with visitors and interact with the community. The upcoming deadline for the April 27-May 6, 2016 residency is March 9, 2016.


For more information about GreenHill's Pop-Up Residency Program, visit here: http://www.greenhillnc.org/popup