Fatimah Tuggar Dream Team: Works from 1995 to 2011

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Fatimah Tuggar is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses technology as both a medium and a subject in her work to serve as metaphors for power dynamics. She combines objects, images and sounds from diverse cultures, geographies, and histories. Collage and assemblage figure into all of her creations with a focus often on Western and some West African Cultures. The pieces are a combination of two or more objects from Western Africa and their Western equivalent to talk about electricity, infrastructure, access and the reciprocal influences between technology and cultures.

Fatimah Tuggar Dream Team Works from 1995 - 2011 includes objects, images, video and interactive media installations. Green Hill Center will present a retrospective of Tuggar's large format photographs presenting scenarios created using images taken from contemporary African and American society. An installation of hybrid objects associating elements from traditional cultures and new technology continues the artist’s investigation of how media and technology diversely impact local and global realities.

Curated by Edie Carpenter


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