Pop-Up Artist: Beatrice Ruggeri
By GreenHill
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Beatrice Ruggeri is a visual artist originally from Rome, Italy who now lives in Durham, NC. Beatrice has worked extensively as an art educator, teaching internationally both privately and in the schools to students from preschool to 12th grade. Five years ago, Beatrice relocated with her family from Italy to North Carolina. Her move to a new country and the idea of “home” is one Beatrice explores through much of her artmaking. The transitions between two cultures, countries and families serves as the inspiration for her Pop-Up Residency.

Beatrice says about her work, “In the Triangle area, I don’t feel alone. There are many families who have relocated from other places, and there are big communities of immigrants. I wonder- how do they feel? How do they cope with their status? How do they relate to this environment? During my first year of relocation, I had time to figure out what kind of statement I want to make through my art. I have been looking for a way to express the moments of joy and moments of misery that come along with the process of immigration. For me, I feel suspended, between two countries, two cultures, two families, between life and death, joy and pain.”


Beatrice works primarily with inks, acrylics and watercolors and will be exploring the process of installation art with this residency. She will be creating many circular mixed media landscapes and cityscapes representing her immigrant experience. The shape of a circle is important to her work as it represents a “window” like shape, offering the viewer a glimpse into her work. These circular works will be displayed hanging from up above to suggest the feeling of being suspended. She says about her residency “I want to create an installation that can delicately tell people the way I feel as an immigrant, with windows for viewers to see my world, in the past and the present.” She will be working in the Studios from September 26 to October 5, where children and families can come and learn.

For more information on Beatrice Ruggeri and to keep up with her work, visit https://www.artfinder.com/beatrice-ruggeri#/