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By Scott Michael Raynor - High Point, NC
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I recently noticed that the Greenhill is going through a pretty cool revival of sorts.  Located in downtown Greensboro I have had a career long infatuation with this particular art institution.

Starting with my declaration of Art as my major at UNC-Greensboro I first heard about Greenhill from my painting professor Andy Martin.  He was having an exhibition of his work and he invited me to see the show.  I remember being really impressed with the space and the curating of the show and I happened to see an announcement for the ‘Winter Show’ that was happening in December of that year.

I started inquiring around of my other professors and many of them were participating in the Winter show.  I learned that it was ‘the place’ to show and that you would get a great audience of viewers.

It was then that my 20 year old self decided that I wanted to show my work in the Greenhill Winter Show one day.  Well before the term ‘bucket list’ had entered my vocabulary I was determined to someday get my work into the Greenhill.

Dripping Still Life, 30×44, Acrylic on Paper 2010 SOLD

Fast forward many years and lo and behold I have had the honor and privilege to exhibit many works at the Greenhill and I have participated in a fair number of Winter Shows.

Not only do I excel at teaching but I am also very good at pointing.

My artistic life continues to grow and evolve and Greenhill is there all along my journey.  I am now Associate Professor and Chair of the art department at High Point University where I now accompany my own students to see thoughtful and engaging exhibitions at the Greenhill.

So cheers to the Greenhill and I wish you continued artistic success!

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