Curator's Pick - Lee Sipe
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By Edie Carpenter
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Lee Sipe’s woven copper vessels have long been presented at Blue Spiral gallery in Asheville and will be seen in Winter Show for the first time. Sipe describes her unique process for creating these intricate pieces:  “. . .precise twined copper wire interspaced with hammered ends formed into striking shapes. The shape flowed from my hands as the piece was created. Mixing of the different colored wire was critical to create the color I desired that would enhance the symmetry of the vessel. The shape and color had to complement each other and the end result had to be pleasing to the eye. I was also seeking a result that would create a sense of peace and harmony.” 


Image: Lee Sipe, Vessel No. 380, 2018, silver plated wire twined around copper spokes, 13.75 x 6 inches