Curator's Pick - Joshua White
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By Elizabeth Harry
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Joshua White's lumen prints and chromatypes dazzle the eye--colorful, wispy nebulae surround and elucidate common plants and bugs in silhouette. He says, "there is an immediacy and magic to lumen printing. Salts, precious metal, natural subjects, and sunlight combine to capture the shadows of my local ecological landscape, describing their exquisite forms and structures in minimal detail. Making these images is a form of investigation as well as play, allowing me to quickly respond to light and land. I often print in the same sunlight that shines on my subjects, allowing me to observe the quiet processes that surround us every day, deepening my understanding of our communion with nature." GreenHill has a collection of sixteen of Joshua's lumen prints and chromatypes on view in Analog, so don't miss your chance to see the magic in person.

Joshua White uses photography, sculpture, and digital technology to address themes of memory, loss, science, and nature. He received his MFA from Arizona State University and lives and works in West Jefferson, NC. He is an Assistant Professor of Art at Appalachian State University.


Elizabeth Harry, Curator, Analog




Praying Mantis, 2014

archival pigment print from lumen original

5 x 4 inches

WH000080, $125


Wings, 2014

archival pigment print from lumen original

8 x 18 inches

WH000079, $300


Plantain, 2014

archival pigment print from lumen original

16 x 20 inches

WH000068, $500


Cicada Wing, 2014

archival pigment print from lumen original

12 x 15 inches

WH000072, $375


Vine, 2014

archival pigment print from chromatype original

10 x 8 inches

WH000074, $250