Constant/Change Highlight: Michael Clapp
By Claire Anderson, GreenHill
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"Michael Clapp’s research explores myriad modes of representation to speculate on ‘scales of consciousness.’ His work co-opts the idea of scale and translates it across a range of dynamics and across matters of degree. There is a keen interest in how a traditional literacy of design is affected by more technical modes of communication and production. Investigations span a range of two-dimensional imagery to time-based projective overlays in order to interrogate topics beyond dimension. Through the work of SCHEMATA|studio, he seeks to challenge the traditional relationship between metric analysis and ephemeral understanding. He contends that this ever fragile dichotomy has been supplanted by questions of representation amid an ongoing evolution of technical acuity." 


Clapp's architectural work focuses on both function on form with a strong emphasis on the ideological. Clapp writes that he "uses a palette in which time and memory are his favorite colors." Clapp will exhibit his architectural work at GreenHill through an installation that explores the ideas behind his works. 



 Image: Still from Clapp's Constant/Change Exhibition Proposal