Constant/Change Highlight: Karmimadeebora McMillan
By Claire Anderson, GreenHill
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"My pieces are about imaginary places, mostly colorful abstract landscapes that are an escape and a dose of reality."


Karmimadeebora McMillian's artwork features vibrant colors that draw the viewer in. Both her abstract landscapes and figurative works are distinctive in their bright colors and geometric shapes. McMillan writes: "Color and identity go hand in hand in my work. Found black dolls and characters from the Black Panthers Coloring Book, that was created by a subsidiary of the FBI called Cointel, make up the figures that appear in my paintings. I'm creating imaginary spaces where a different story is beginning to unfold. A story told from a southern black female perspective with influences from Sun-Ra to Star Trek."


Image: Karmimadeebora McMillan, Ms. Merri Mack Series, 2018, acrylic on wood, 23x23 inches