Constant/Change Artist Highlight: Megan Bostic
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By Hailey Chilton, GreenHill Curatorial Intern
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“I put my work into the community with the intention of increasing the conversation that surrounds death, grief, and loss.” 


Grief and loss are a central theme of the work of Megan Bostic. Her work serves as a visual representation of inner emotional turmoil stemming from feelings of loss. As these topics are often difficult for one to speak clearly about, the work becomes an articulation of these feelings. Through her sculptures and installation pieces, Bostic weaves together many different ideas of loss; loss of a loved one, loss of autonomy, memory, and identity. Experimentation and material exploration are as equally important and intertwined with concept as she is interested in the meaning objects can carry and their history, which is why she favors found objects and materials. Her work serves as a way to not only articulate feelings of loss, but to evoke a sense of empathy and a collective understanding within the viewers.


Bostic graduated in 2013 with a Masters of Arts and Design, Fibers and Surface Design from NC State, and has shown nationally and internationally. Her masters in fibers and surface design is clearly evident within her work, as she focuses on fiber materials and textiles, as well as traditional and non-traditional materials.


Hailey Chilton, GreenHill Curatorial Intern


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Image: Megan Bostic, Un-Developed Memories, 2016, 5x15x.05 feet