Winter Show Curator Pick #2
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By GreenHill
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Charlotte-based painter Bryan M. Wilson will be exhibiting his work for the first time at GreenHill in Winter Show 2018. Wilson’s striking painting of himself standing before the easel, java in hand, is both a very contemporary yet timeless portrait of the artist. Strong diagonals lead the eye from the artist’s face to his brush while details such as a tablet and photograph of the artist’s family are quiet presences in the studio space. Wilson has stated he considers portraiture to be a challenge worth mastering:  “It is so gratifying to struggle with a painting and in the blink of an eye (or one deft brush stroke), bring it under submission and have everything fall into place. The smell of the oil paints and the act of standing in front of an easel and applying paint, stepping back, and re-approaching is like a dance of the senses to me.”


Image: Bryan M. Wilson, Self Portrait, 2014, oil on MDF board, 30