Studio Jewelry in GreenHill's Shop
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By Elizabeth Harry
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North Carolina Jewelers and Metalsmiths on View in Beyond Ornament and GreenHill's Shop

GreenHill's shop represents and specializes in studio jewelry by the finest North Carolina metalsmiths. Several of the artists on view in our exhibition Beyond Ornament also have a line of studio jewelry for sale in our shop. Edie Carpenter says, "Beyond Ornament explores the ferment in the field of studio jewelry taking place in North Carolina and features works by 18 studio jewelers who work independently of the commercial jewelry industry. An initial focus of the exhibition on ornament as an accessory or enhancement of the body was soon expanded to embrace the wide range of practices on view in the exhibition." Recent examples of work by several of the artists on view in Beyond Ornament can be found in the shop for sale, as well as a large and changing inventory of works by other jewelers. In this blog post, we'll highlight just a few pieces for sale in the shop by artists on view in Beyond Ornament.

To purchase any of the pieces featured in this post, email or call Elizabeth at or 336-333-7460 ex.101

Above is the work of MC Floyd Nicolay and Sarah Tector available in the shop.

Above is the work of Ndidi Kowalczyk and Staci Sawyer Phebus available in the shop.