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By GreenHill
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Our Masterpiece Friday program has been running for two decades and is beloved by our members, visitors, and staff. We originally called it Red Yellow and Glue and some small things have changed over the years, but the sentiment is still the same – give children and their parents and caregivers a great first art experience. Each Friday during the school year at almost precisely 11:00 am children line up to find their favorite lollipop flavor and then head into the gallery where they get the chance to practice their gallery etiquette and to explore the exhibition through age-appropriate activities such as eye spy or acting out a scene in a painting. Next, we read a story together then head back into the studios for a group art activity.

One of the best things about this program is the community of kids and their adults that blossoms throughout the year. Many families make this a weekly adventure and we love seeing how much their children grow - both in height and skill. Come to join us for our first Masterpiece Friday of the school year on September 7th and find out first-hand what a great place GreenHill is for young children and their families.

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