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By Rebecca Mortensen
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GreenHill’s shop shows the work of the finest studio jewelers and metalsmiths in North Carolina. Here are a few highlights of special, unique pieces available right now. Una Barrett, Lauren Markley, Emily Triplett, and Erica Stankwich Bailey all create wearable art that is eye-catching and completely handmade. From delicate metal work to bold statement pieces, these artists are producing the best of the best. To purchase any of these pieces, call Elizabeth at 336.333.7460 ex. 101, or email elizabeth.harry@greenhillnc.org

Take a closer look at some of our favorite pieces from each artist below:

Una Barrett

Una Barrett creates wearable and sculptural jewelry. Her work is created by incorporating mixed metals and other found objects and materials. The work focuses on the fusion of ancient and modern techniques and references. Inspiration is drawn from the functional and sacred objects of many cultures. Interpretations of objects and symbols such as the abacus, mandala, papoose, and spiral are integrated with contemporary forms influenced by industrial society and technological architecture.

1. Tulip, Poplar Twig, and Flower Necklace, sterling silver and bronze, $195

2. Trilobite Earrings, sterling silver and bronze, $65

3. Medium Hoop Earrings, sterling silver and bronze, $50

4. Aquamarine Basket Evil Eye Pendant, sterling silver, brass, copper, and bronze, $165

5. Bangles, bronze and sterling silver, $30 each

6. Kyanite Spike Earrings; sterling silver, bronze, and kyanite, $65

Lauren Markley

Lauren Markley is a metalworker who is currently residing in Raleigh, NC. In 2007 she began her studies in metalsmithing and has perfected her skill by completing classes in New York City, Penland NC, and Iowa City IA. She works out of a studio in Raleigh, located in the Carter Building, and showcases her work in exhibits and craft shows every year.

1. Matte Hammered Double Disc Earrings, sterling silver, $110

2. Oxidized Hammered Double Disc Earrings, oxidized sterling silver, $110

3. Large Green Hut Earrings, enamel, $80

4. Small White Hut Earrings, enamel, $95

5. Matte Folded Earrings, sterling silver, $125

6. Oxidized Folded Earrings, oxidized sterling silver, $125

7. Matte Rebar Earrings, sterling silver, $70

8. Small Teal Hut Earrings, enamel, $65

Emily Triplett

Emily Triplett, a metalsmith residing in Chapel Hill, NC, specializes in forged gold and silver jewelry. Her work of modern pieces focuses on simple and timeless designs with functional comfort. She designs for a dynamic lifestyle, yielding a sense of casual elegance in every piece.

1. Halo Earrings, 14k gold, $410

2. Sway Earrings, sterling silver, $120

3. Drip Necklace, sterling silver pendant with oxidixed sterling silver chain, $80

4. Wander Necklace, brushed sterling silver pendant with oxidixed sterling silver chain, $115

5. Atlas Earrings, sterling silver, $90

6. Teardrop Earrings, 14k rose gold, $180

7. Dash Earrings, 14k gold, $110

Erica Stankwich Bailey

Currently residing in Asheville, NC, Erica Stankwich Bailey creates work that is both organic and architectural. She attended North Carolina School of the Arts, earning her diploma in applied arts, then studied at East Carolina University graduating with a BFA in Metal Design. Her work is reflective of a variety of techniques that, in turn, create pieces that are tactile and have the ability to invoke a sense of personal attachment for the wearer.

1. Textured Bangle, sterling silver, $80 each

2. Ruby Strip Earrings, sterling silver with rough rubies, $40

3. Lolite Geode Earrings, sterling silver with lolite beads, $140

4. Short Climb Earrings, sterling silver with aquamarine, $80

5. Large Air Earrings, sterling silver, $140

6. Short Climb Pendant, sterling silver with aquamrine, $90

7. Moonstone Geode Necklace, sterling silver and moonstone, $110

8. Aquamrine Geode Necklace, sterlng silver and aquamrine, $170

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