Pop-Up Artist: Daniel LeClaire
By GreenHill
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Daniel LeClaire is an artist living and working in Chapel Hill, NC who will be presenting his interactive three-dimensional installation during his residency. Daniel has exhibited paintings, sculptures, illustrations and installations across the state of North Carolina as well as in Washington, California, Canada and Indonesia.  Much of his work is marked by his lively and fun color palette, geometric design elements, and themes of nature. He says about his process,  "My work depicts the mystical odyssey of humans within nature and our connection to nature and the cosmos. The imagery, optimistic and happy, is meant to give the viewer a pause, a moment of reprieve and a reminder of the magic and beauty contained in our daily contact with nature."


Culminating in a public exhibition for First Friday on December 1st, Daniel's installation " The Temple of Cosmic Mystery", will seek to "inspire care and love for the world around us through imagery abounding with beauty and vitality."

LeClaire describes his project for the ArtQuest Studios:

The installation will create a new reality for those experiencing it, one of optimism that embraces our mystical journey through life. Temporarily giving the viewer pause from other influences and immersing the viewers in this “new” reality, the installation will attempt to give them respite from daily concerns and with their act of participation - drawing them even further into my imagined magical world. Bright colors and playful imagery describe a positive illustration of life.


For more information on Daniel LeClaire and to keep up with his work, visit www.leclaireart.com.