Pop-Up Resident: Amanda Crary Gallas
By GreenHill
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The Picnic Project | Artist Statement


The Picnic Project is an interactive and social piece that focuses on a pastime of leisure: the picnic. In today's busy world of multi-tasking, email notifications chiming from pockets, and quick dinners, I ask you to pause, take a seat, eat some food, and simply interact with other human beings if just for a few minutes. Food, company, and conversation are simple cures for our every-day ailments.


In my own family history, the women are in charge of facilitating get-togethers, reunions, and picnics. In a way, I've taken on this role despite the fact that I'm far from home: I'm creating an intimate space for sharing, interaction, and connection--not between my family, but with the community of Greensboro.


These blankets were collected at thrift-stores, garage sales, and some were donated. I am most attracted to the hand-made blankets; the care and time necessary to complete one is evident. I felt the need to rescue these blankets and re-purpose them in my project. Most of the blankets are from North Carolina; however, a handful are from the Midwest. Throughout the residency, I spent my time stitching these two ideas of home together.