The Power of ArtQuest Studios
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By GreenHill
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The Power of ArtQuest Studios

Joyce Fulton is an Early Head Start Home Base Specialist. Her job consists of her making home visits once a week for 90 minutes to teach children from birth to three years old. Read below as she shares how ArtQuest Studios has impacted not only her life but the lives of the children and families that visit on a weekly basis.

Words from Joyce:

“In our Home Base Program we have 24 Family Engagement Experiences (FEE) so children can interact to develop social skills and for families to receive life-skills information.  Our FEE topics range from finance management, conscious discipline, breast cancer awareness, domestic abuse, literacy, music, and experiencing ArtQuest Studios. 

ArtQuest Studios is an important part of our program. We have an average of 20 families twice a month to enjoy the hands-on activities. They love the self-directed centers for painting, clay, reading, building blocks, and writing. 

Before our visit most of our families say they have not heard of GreenHill or ArtQuest Studios.  However, most of them continue to visit after they leave Head Start.

Families also expressed how welcoming, supportive and encouraging the staff members are with them and their children.  

We serve a very diverse community and art has proven it is the universal language. 

When I received a call form Laura asking me to speak on what ArtQuest means to me and our families; I was delighted to give my comments.  

I’m also an artist. I had two paintings featured in a show in 2015 and one sold.  The experience validated me as an artist.  I was told by my 6th grade art teacher to give up my dream of becoming an Artist because I “wasn't that good”. I cried and didn't paint again till I was 50 years old. 

I love painting and I want everyone who has a desire, to experience it. ArtQuest Studios is a magical place where children and adults can explore, create and learn.”