Pop-Up Resident: Brittney May
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By GreenHill
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GreenHill is happy to announce the selection of our Pop-Up Artist Resident, mixed media artist Brittney May. A graduate of Guilford College, she has been an active participant in the arts scene of the Triad region. During her residency Brittney will begin her mask-making project “False Faces: Mask Makers”. Participants will be invited to use found materials to construct their own masks, with selected works will be used during a live interactive display on First Friday, October 7, 2016. Participants are also invited to write out and draw their feelings to submit to the project as they are creating their masks. Brittney says about her work, "In our society, we are not often encouraged to express our true emotions and instead are forced to wear masks. I want to encourage people to really think about their emotions and to express them freely." Come visit Brittney who will be working in the ArtQuest studios from September 28 – October 6, 2016!

GreenHill’s Pop-Up Residency program provides a space and materials for emerging artists to create and exhibit artworks in a family friendly education setting. Artists work in The ArtQuest Studios during regular business hours, providing a unique opportunity to share their work with visitors and interact with the community.


For more information about GreenHill's Pop-Up Residency Program, visit here: http://www.greenhillnc.org/popup