First Choice & Collector's Choice: Filling the Gap Between Artists and Collectors
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By Bethany Barnes
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First Choice & Collector's Choice | Filling the Gap Between Artists and Collectors

We interviewed collector Chip Callaway, a frequent First Choice and Collector's Choice attendee, shared his insights on the interaction he has had with Winter Show artists.


On December 5th from 7-11pm, Greenhill will be hosting Collector's Choice: the greatest party of the year! We wanted to find out from a frequent party goer and art collector what it is like to not only come to this event, but to meet the artists whose works have become a part of their home over the years.




BETHANY: I can see with the pieces filling your home that you have a great interest in art, what draws you to arts?

CHIP: I am a landscape architect, so I'm trained in design. I always thought that my weakness is not in design skill but in graphic skills, so I always lusted after people who could do beautiful things on paper. I have a devine appreciate for those people.

BETHANY: Have you ever gotten a chance to meet any of the Greenhill artists whose work you have in your house?

CHIP: Almost all of them through Collector's Choice.

BETHANY: What is it about Collector's Choice that is so unique?

CHIP: It's just exposure to so many practicing artists. I love to support local artists and businesses...First Choice is also a whirlwind. I have seen women come wearing tennis shoes with their nice outfits ready to run around The Gallery and get the piece they wanted first before anyone else.

BETHANY: Do you feel like there is an interesting relationship between collectors and artists?

CHIP: Yea- you know everyone wants to know who they are when they come into their life.

BETHANY: What is something you like about purchasing art from Greenhill?

CHIP: You feel like you are supporting the local creative energy of Greensboro and this community, which is astonishing. There are so many accomplished people here and in this area. It sort of validates the community you live in, and it's fun to live with this start following these people year after year and they become like missed friends.  





BETHANY: Do you like asking about the origins of the art?

CHIP: Yes typically I engage them maybe a little bit too long. I like to invite "newbies" who have never come to the show, and I tell them "I'm turning you on to the best artists in the state."