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By Mor Fine and Rebekah Richardson, Curatorial Interns
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Greenhill is presenting Cooking, Creating, Collaborating & Clay, an exhibition at The Hemphill Branch Library on view from June 29-July 20, 2015. Curated by two Greenhill interns, the exhibition will include illustrated collages of recipes from around the world and place settings of four North Carolina clay makers. The exhibition will open during Hemphill Branch Library Family Outdoor event starting at 6:30 PM, June 29.

Cooking, Creating, Collaborating & Clay will feature collages, art journals, and a recipe book created by new North Carolina residents who participated in Guilford Child Development and Greenhill’s program Learning ART Together.  The program offered an opportunity for women to create art or craft, sell and exhibit the works while their children participated in ArtQuest open studios program. Through Learning ART Together the women learned art making processes, ideation, entrepreneurial skills, and collaboration resulting in a book entitled, From My Table to North Carolina; that includes recipes, illustrated collages, and personal stories of the Learning ART Together participants.

With the intent to celebrate the cultural relationship between visual arts and culinary art, the exhibition will feature place settings created by North Carolina ceramicists. Although these place settings may be more colorful and elaborate than those typically seen at one’s own dinner table, the viewer will be asked to imagine what sort of food that he or she would like to see placed upon them.  Where did this dish come from?  When is this particular food eaten and who is it shared with?  What memories are associated with this dish? Cooking, Creating, Collaborating & Clay will inspire the viewer to not only look at the place setting as an object but to think about its purpose and significance.

The featured ceramicists have varying backgrounds and they each work in a unique style, from Stephanie Martin’s nostalgic decals to Brett McDonough’s comical illustrations.  Po-Wen Liu was born in Taiwan where he worked as a ceramic engineer.  He received his MFA in ceramics at Northern Illinois University and later moved to Greensboro where he currently teaches classes at UNC Greensboro and Greensboro College.  After studying Special Education and Non-Profit Management, Ann Lynch attended Randolph Community College’s Pottery Program.  Today, she is the vice president of Art Alliance and a member of Carolina Clay Guild.  Brett McDonough garnered an enthusiasm for clay while attending Watauga High School in Boone, NC.  He later received a BA in ceramics at Greensboro College and is currently teaching beginner-intermediate pottery classes to children and adults at Art Alliance of Greensboro.  Stephanie Martin completed her BFA in Design with a concentration in ceramics at UNC Greensboro.  She is now the co-owner of Dean and Martin Pottery in Seagrove, NC.  


The Hemphill Branch Library is located in southwest Greensboro on Vandalia Road near the intersection with S. Holden Road. Hemphill offers a broad range of children's programming with a focus on early literacy, which includes storytimes for toddlers and preschoolers. In partnership with the Greenhill center for NC Art, the branch also hosts art programs for school-age children.


Greenhill is located at 200 North Davie Street, in the Greensboro Cultural Center.  Greenhill promotes the visual arts of North Carolina by engaging a broad community of artists, adults and children through dynamic exhibitions and educational programs while providing a platform for exploration and investment in art. For more information visit:


Founded in 1967, the mission of Guilford Child Development (GCD) is to help young children and families reach their full potential through five distinct, yet supportive programs:  1) Head Start and Early Head Start, providing early childhood education and development services for 1,200 families at thirteen four and five star-rated Centers across Guilford County; 2) Regional Child Care Resources & Referral, providing information, referral and financial assistance toward child care for working parents, as well as training and technical assistance to increase the availability and quality of family child care homes and centers; 3) Nurse-Family Partnership, an evidence-based nurse home visitation program for low-income, first-time mothers; 4) Catering for Kids, serving low-cost nutritious meals to GCD Centers and other child care homes/centers in Guilford County; and 5) Learning Together Family Literacy, an integrated four-component program that focuses on educational achievements and social advancements of immigrant/refugee and minority mothers and their preschool children.