A Little Exploration Over Lunch: Open Studio Hours with Jonathan Brilliant
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By Bethany Barnes
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Visitors interact with exhibiting artist to understand and learn for themselves his installation process


During the last week of June, artist Jonathan Brilliant used part of his on-site  residency to work with visitors of The Gallery. He demonstrated first hand what goes into his pieces, as well as answering any questions they may have about the origins of his perspective and process. Visitors loved the one-on-one time they spent with Jonathan, and groups arrived to watch his progress and have an impromptu discussion with the artist. We asked one such visitor, Buster Johnson, what he and colleagues from Diversified Trust thought of the time they spent with the artist and the installation:


What inspired you to come by and bring a group over to The Gallery at Greenhill?

My wife and I have both been connected to Greenhill for a long time; we’ve been supporters and advocates for years. We were there for the Annual Meeting on June 18th, and where he [Jonathan Brilliant] mentioned that they would have open hours this week. I am always looking for interesting things to do with my group.



Was there something about the installation that you really enjoyed?

It’s pretty amazing when you look at the way it’s constructed without any adhesives and looking at all of the different components that he has envisioned with materials you wouldn’t expect--like coffee stir sticks and plastic lids. It feels similar to centuries ago when Romans built the aqueducts using a lot of tension techniques in their engineering--just a few centuries later.


What was your interaction like with Jonathan Brilliant?

Particularly with an office group, I think he was intrigued by our interest in coming over. He was very engaging and explained the methodology and  process very well. One-on-one our conversation was very enjoyable. 

What was some feedback you got from your group?

They love an adventure and they were very impressed by the whole thing as well as Jonathan Brilliant himself.