Providence Grove High School Group Visit to Greenhill
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On Wednesday, November 5, 2015, High School students from Providence Grove High School (Climax, NC) came to Greenhill for a Group Visit.  The students were split into several groups where Greenhill's curator Edie Carpenter and program director Lynn Sanders-Bustle invited them to respond to the work in The Gallery through a variety of means - dance, drama poetry, music, analysis and narrative. They were also able to create mixed media works like Jason Watson (an artist in the exhibition) after learning how to create masking tape photo transfers and paint watercolor washes, led by Art Educator Laura Maruzzella.

 Click Here for more images from their visit.  


Below are some of the written responses to some of the works in Following Threads: Fiber Art and Drawing.



Luminal II by Leigh Suggs

A poem by Jesus and Jonathan

It’s black and flat.

It looks like a mat.

They used white to make it look like

you were taking a flight in the night.



Red Balloons created by Leigh Suggs

A rap written by Sarah M.


Look at these dots

These little spots

They are so bright

In the light

Some are blue

Some are pink

It doesn’t matter

What you think

They are cool

They are fun

Little dots on the run


The Important Woman by Jason Watson’s  

A short story by Kaylie N.

The day had come for the choosing of the lands new champion. The great goblet of unity expelled fluorescent smoke, smoke that only few had seen. The congregation of leaders stood anticipatingly awaiting the goblet’s choice. Suddenly with a hiss, the goblet projected the image of a woman, a woman named Bryn. The men standing around the goblet gasped, their mouths hanging open in silent protest. A woman had never been chosen champion. They huddled in debate and the goblet hissed once more, the image of Bryn growing stronger. The choice was final.

A poem by Caleb R.

Like the queen she can make your knees shake and your head ache.

The important woman.

Her story unseen with kingdom she leans.

The important woman

Powers must soon fall, hers happened to be at the ball.

The important woman.

She was petrified, terrified by a rebellion of her people.

The Important Women

Once she made people shake in fear, now it’s almost as if she disappeared.

The important woman.