2008 - Lucas Gray visited ArtQuest
By Elizabeth Wallace, Marketing Intern
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May 16th

The Simpson's Storyboard Artist, Lucas Gray, visited ArtQuest. Lucas is a self-taught artist who, through hard work and determination, was able to land a seriously cool job.  His visit was exciting for Greensboro as a free culture/arts opportunity. Lucas' presentation covered what it takes to make a Simpsons show start to finish, what life is like as a professional cartoonist, what working on the movie was like/Hollywood thrills; Lucas also did a Simpsons promotional spot for The Jay Leno Show, another topic of interest.

He presented a slideshow that consisted of different Simpson's artists' work and discussed about how they were alike and how they differed. He also showed examples of works by other artists and illustrators he admires and is influenced by. He then did a demo on a dry erase board that showed how squares and circles are transformed into Homer and the like - hence the title of the presentation: Squares to Cubes, Circles to Spheres: The Art of The Simpsons. A Q & A session followed his talk. Then, participants had the opportunity to work at drawing a Simpsons character or do something of their own, while Lucas offered encouraging critiques.

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