Artist Linda Ruth Dickinson Creates New Work
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By Linda Ruth Dickinson
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Linda Ruth Dickinson, recently in the NC Art Outreach project, writes about her focus this year.

This year as I've been thinking deeply about my cross-cultural roots, my painting has returned to a more simplified expression.  This reflection has been in preparation for producing work for an exhibition curated by North Carolina's Museum of Art's Jennifer Dasal which will be presented in Artspace's Gallery 1 in the Biennial Three Person Exhibiion December  6, 2013 - January 11, 2014 .

Foundational underpinnings which have fueled my artistic endeavors for over 25 years are newly considered, informed not only by my east/west cultural and spiritual heritage, but been given additional meditation arising from various sources and dialogues I've had this past year including Greenhill's NC Art Outreach Project with the panel of NYC gallerists.  Concepts of renewal, duality and  possibility as well as questions of concurrent realities, and  perspectives bound by a certain hope have been my occupation.  Longtime  deliberations of stability within change, seemingly oppositional elevations and the encouragement to the inner life by the use of optics and predetermined assignations have been investigated.  In this, perhaps viewers of varying origins and experience can find something of resonance.


Below are a few images from this new series.   Hoping, Still and Set.  Each measure 60"x36" and are acrylic on canvas. All c. 2013. 

Still, 2013 

Set, 2013

Hoping, 2013

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