Collected at Collector's Choice - John Geci
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By Adair Armfield
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We have been thinking about the 34 year history of Collector’s Choice, how many artists have participated (thousands!) and how many collectors started and added to their collection year in and year out. We have reached out to some of our friends who have purchased at Collector’s Choice to ask them about a particular work of art—we are posting their stories on our blog over the next few weeks. All of the artists referenced will be returning to Greenhill this year. Enjoy their post, and we invite you to become a collector at this years’ Collector’s Choice!

I enjoy collecting North Carolina art; It is a great way to support North Carolina and the artists who live here. I am now a collector of early 20th century and contemporary North Carolina artwork and I first became hooked on collecting North Carolina artwork through Greenhill. Many of the pieces in my collection have been purchased from Winter Shows including John Geci’s Bubble Orb. I have always liked John Geci’s work and was drawn to this piece because of its shape and color. Currently this glass orb is in my living room where I constantly move it around to different locations and it seems to transform everything around it each time.

Adair Armfield

John Geci, Light Green Bubble Orb, Collected from Winter Show 2010 

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