Collected at Collector's Choice - Joy Tanner
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By Nancy Wallace, Greenhill Staff Member
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We have been thinking about the 34 year history of Collector’s Choice, how many artists have participated (thousands!) and how many collectors started and added to their collection year in and year out. We have reached out to some of our friends who have purchased at Collector’s Choice to ask them about a particular work of art—we are posting their stories on our blog over the next few weeks. All of the artists referenced will be returning to Greenhill this year. Enjoy their post, and we invite you to become a collector at this years’ Collector’s Choice!

 Greenhill’s Winter Show is the exhibition that I always look forward to and I’m very excited that Joy Tanner, a potter will be in this year’s show!  I am a novice at collecting art and only purchase something when it speaks to me in some way.  That is how I came to own two of Joy’s carved, wood and soda fired plates.  I would pass by them in the gallery and each time I was drawn to them mostly because of their texture and color.  I love the burst of terra cotta and the rich earth tones that make up the landscape of each plate’s surface.  Although functional pottery, I had a different use in mind.  I had just finished painting my bathroom walls when I purchased them and the colors of the plates and the walls worked so well together they are now hanging in there.  They satisfied my purpose – not to mention my love of pottery!

Nancy Wallace, Greenhill Staff Member



Joy Tanner, Carved Plates, Collected from By Example: NC Potters and Their Mentors


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