Collected at Collector's Choice - Kate Worm
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By Lisa and Buster Johnson
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We have been thinking about the 34 year history of Collector’s Choice, how many artists have participated (thousands!) and how many collectors started and added to their collection year in and year out. We have reached out to some of our friends who have purchased at Collector’s Choice to ask them about a particular work of art—we are posting their stories on our blog over the next few weeks. All of the artists referenced will be returning to Greenhill this year. Enjoy their post, and we invite you to become a collector at this years’ Collector’s Choice!

 Five hundred intriguing works of art — more than one hundred talented artists — approachable and innovative art in all mediums — that's Greenhill's Winter Show!  There's not a year that goes by that my life and home are not enhanced by acquiring an amazing addition to our eclectic collection!  One of the many works that stood out to us was a watercolor by Kate Worm.  I am constantly drawn to figurative and abstract art.  Kate's works contain both qualities.  Her breathtakingly bold paint strokes using warm colors are the perfect complement to the beautiful figurative art she creates all with an abstract quality about it.  Kate's work resonates with us and fits perfectly into any room in our home!

Lisa and Buster Johnson


Kate Worm, Green Blanket, Collected from Winter Show 2010


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