INDEPENDENTS (April 5 - June 2, 2013)
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Independents: Paintings by Brett Baker, Mark Brown, Ashlynn Browning, Philip Lopez, and Bonnie Melton.

Independents examines the recent work of five abstract painters from the Triangle and responds to Green Hill Center’s mission of presenting a wide range of contemporary artists working in the state: “With each exhibition we reinvent ourselves because every new exhibition changes. It gives us an artistic freedom that other organizations do not have. We also have to take responsibility of being good stewards to the artists of the state. With each exhibition we are creating a snapshot of the quality and caliber of artists in the state” said Laura Way, Executive Director of Greenhill.

Curated by Edie Carpenter, the exhibition examines the strong level of abstract painting being produced by North Carolina-based artists. “I selected this group of artists because they negotiate their relationship to the world in a different way. Each is stylistically different and the gallery visitor will find a wide range of approaches to abstraction. From the single monumental freestanding canvases by Brett Baker that create a sensation of being enveloped in a corridor of color to Philip Lopez’s paintings on wood panels which display a pictorial logic based on richly colored, highly developed surfaces that have been layered, squeegeed or abraded by sanding. The artists also represent a variety of experience and age; ranging from emerging artists Ashlynn Browning and Brett Baker to Mark Brown, Bonnie Melton and Philip Lopez who are at mid-career,” said Edie Carpenter, Director of Curatorial and Artists Programs.