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By Linda Ruth Dickinson - Raleigh, NC
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Several years ago when Greenhill's Director of Curatorial and Artistic Programs, Edie Carpenter, visited my studio in downtown Raleigh we spoke about her then recent arrival at Greenhill as well as my interest in spirituality through an abstracted expression. Subsequent to that visit an invitation was issued to participate in an upcoming Winter Show during which a purchaser added some of my work to their collection. Then the invitation to be part of the recent NC Outreach project further exposed me to the service and support Greenhill is providing to the artists of our state, not only with opportunities for exposure and sales but in the incubation and inculcation of skills needed in expanding our vision of possibility. Currently I am producing work for a Biennial Three Person Exhibition curated by Jennifer Dasal, Associate Curator of Contemporary Art at the North Carolina Museum of Art to be held this winter in Artspace's Main Gallery as well as looking forward to participation again in Greenhill's upcoming Winter Show. Transcendence continues to be the binding thread throughout all my work whether expressed in paintings utilizing vertical swathes of hue or minimized horizonscape. Greenhill's ongoing encouragemennt of this "locally grown" art remains a valued inspiration. Thank you!

Bloom, acrylic on canvas, 32" x 32" Harbour, acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36"

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