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By Elizabeth Bradford - Davidson, NC
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Don’t most people have vivid happy memories of playing in a creek? I know I do. The creek was a source of complete wonder for me. Nothing has changed.

Now that the warm weather has arrived it’s time for me to head back to the woods, looking for moments in nature that I want to seize and expand on. My work is not so much a documentary as it is like a collection of poems-- a combination of fiction and fact aimed at achieving Truth.

For the last two years my paintings have been about rivers and streams. In the upcoming days I will be tossing the kayak into the back of the truck, with my sack of paints and the tent and sleeping bag. I plan to explore the New River basin this summer, and the trout streams at Stone Mountain. Later I’ll be camping with a couple of friends who MUST have been Eagle Scouts. Years later they are still perfecting their backpacking game. I’m packing a tiny painting setup next time I go afield with them.

One new twist is working on small painted sketches of the many moments of grace I observe in a week of living on this earth. They are for experimentation, and to promote fluency. I’ve just finished the eighth one and look forward to using up the additional 25 panels deemed for summer use.

So wish me some red-winged blackbirds flying alongside me as I float downstream, and some healthy minnows, and river rounded rocks casting their shadows underwater. I’m still engaged in making vivid happy memories.

Elizabeth Bradford
Past Winter Show participant

Mountain Island Lake Beech Tree, acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20"

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