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By Matt Zigler, NC Art Outreach Project Participant
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Matt Ziglar recently participated in Greenhill's NC Art Outreach Project. The NC Art Outreach Project was designed to draw attention and facilitate a two-way dialogue between national artists, critics and gallery owners and North Carolina artists. Here's Matt's latest update:

The Manifesto-ish Online Gallery is a place to showcase art of and about the digital world.!call-for-art/c1w1e

We are planning a virtual open studio tour.  We want to see the work spaces of a variety of artists in a variety of mediums.  All you need is a laptop/smart device with a webcam so that you can give us a tour of your space.  We will use a Google+ Hangout and it will be streamed live on our site and also recorded for posterity.  We plan on this in mid-July, and will be working out the best day when we have enough people who are interested.  If you are interested, email and let me know and I'll keep the conversation going.



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