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By Mary Young, Director, Education and Community Partnerships
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Or is it? Did you know that studies support that comments like “It’s beautiful” actually stifle creativity? Of course you can still say this but read on for some easy ways to encourage

Celebrating children’s art can be as easy as admiring your child’s work or even making an adventure together at your favorite hands-on art gallery hint…ArtQuest! The next time you are with your child working, try these simple tips and watch how these simple acts can reinforce your child’s creativity, and self-esteem.  

1.      By having art sketch pads, drawing materials and other art supplies handy, art making is always a possibility at your home.  Make a simple art tote that has accessible materials to take with you where ever you may be waiting.

2.  Avoid asking your child what they are making but simply describe what you see. Make personal comments about what you see such as “you are working so carefully, I like the way that line curves around” or “look at how many colors you added…! And name them.” This approach works well for all ages of children and the key to the magic, is that the child knows you actually see what they have done. You are taking time and noticing.

Don’t be surprised when a long story comes out about the art work… it is really a great tactic!

So when your jaw drops as you encounter your child’s masterpiece, notice – describe – and then add your sincere comments, “I love the way you included the whole family in this drawing.”

 Oh, don’t be afraid to draw too!

This weekend ArtQuest at Greenhill opened our  doors for Youth Art month reception guests. 
Hundreds of Guilford County students and their families ascended on the Greensboro Cultural Center for the Guilford County School’s Youth Art Month exhibition on Sunday. The work on display represents the best student art work from each of Guilford Counties’ 68 public elementary schools. Greenhill has been proud to partner with the Guilford County School system to make the Youth Art Month exhibition possible. CLICK HERE for more photos. 

ArtQuest, a program of Greenhill, is an inspiring hands-on studio designed by North Carolina artists where creativity is nurtured through the open exploration of art and art materials. Admission is $5 for each person. 

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