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By Hannah Gray, Greenhill Marketing Intern
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Yesterday’s rough weather didn’t stop us from having a great time at Green Hill!

Last night, Green Hill hosted the Members + Sponsors Preview for our newest exhibition, Speaking in Species. Guest curator Brent Skidmore kicked off the night by giving a short talk about his ideas behind the exhibition. “There’s this vast array of experiences that makers have, but the biggest experience that we all forget is there’s always a transformation inside themselves… I am trying to get people to understand this moment of transformation that happens, and to describe  things that happen in these peoples’ lives that are making these things.”

Brent Skidmore is the Director of Craft Studies and Assistant Professor of Art at UNC Asheville. “I’m a maker – remember, I’m not a curator. I have some sense of design, and I know what good things look like. I think it’s interesting to have a maker as a curator because we come at it from a little bit different perspective – sometimes a very reckless perspective.”

John Clark, who made Hall Table, spoke of the importance of the functionality and usability of his works. “Function is key to what I do. I very rarely make things that don’t begin with function as the primary criteria of making the piece.“

We asked Elizabeth Spotswood Spencer why she makes and creates art. “I don’t really think it’s a choice; it’s something that I have to do. Art making is a little bit of a blessing and a curse… I feel like I’ve found the perfect mediums that mimic my temperament and my mood.”

Artist Richard Prisco, who had two pieces in the show, commented, “This is a great show. Brent did a great job. It’s an interesting and diverse group of work, and it’s great to be here.”

Members + Sponsors Preview presented by Alliance Commercial Property Management. Refreshments provided by The Fresh Market. Exhibition and catalogue made possible through the generosity of the Windgate Charitable Foundation. 

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