GreenHill Celebrates 40 Years of Winter Show
GreenHill Celebrates 40 Years of Winter Show

GreenHill Celebrates 40 Years of Winter Show, North Carolina’s Premier Survey Exhibition of Contemporary Art andFine Crafts Greenhill Center for North Carolina Art will present its 40th annual Winter Show holiday exhibition featuring works for sale by nearly 100 North Carolina artists in a beautifully installed survey exhibition of contemporary art and fine crafts, December 8, 2019 – January 15, 2020. “Ambitious in scope and always a highlight on cultural calendars, GreenHill’s Winter Show inspires and excites through its diverse offerings and the wide-ranging, spectrum of North Carolina artists represented.” noted GreenHill’s Executive Director, ...

Announcing New Executive Director
GreenHill Celebrates 40 Years of Winter Show

GreenHill Center for North Carolina Art Announces NEW Executive Director GreenHill Center for North Carolina Art is pleased to announce that Barbara Richter has been named Executive Director effective August 1, 2019. Richter most recently served as President of her own consulting practice in Cleveland, Ohio and has led strategic initiatives across multiple industries, government entities, and on behalf of non-profit organizations.  “I’m confident that Barbara’s leadership, broad perspective, and innovative thinking will help grow GreenHill’s visibility in North Carolina’s visual arts’ community” said GreenHill Chair, Bert Davis, ...

Interview with Pop Up Artists Micah Daw
GreenHill Celebrates 40 Years of Winter Show

INTERVIEW WITH POP UP ARTIST MICAH DAWI am Cadence Croucher and I recently graduated from UNCG with a degree in Arts Administration and I have the pleasure of interning at GreenHill this summer. I had the opportunity to interview GreenHill’s Pop-Up Resident Micah Daw. I picked his brain about the start of his career, his painting process, and his life as a teacher. It was fun to get to learn about the experiences that Micah has had that influence his work. CC: You shared in your artist statement that you source images and forms from your immediate surroundings and I was wondering does your process with these images look like?MD: It’s a two-part process.The genesis of my ...

Constant/Change Artist Highlight: Matthew Steele
GreenHill Celebrates 40 Years of Winter Show

"I’m intrigued by spaces that feel vacant but have a clear purpose. Like contemporary ruins."  Our final Constant/Change Artist Highlight is Matthew Steele! Matthew Steele's work is inspired by the infrastructure all around us. His sculptures are architectural and many pieces share formal qualities with bridges, buildings, and monuments. Each intricately designed sculpture features several pieces of wood joined together to create a complex work of art. "Matthew Steele is an artist and graphic designer living and working in Charlotte North Carolina. Often utilizing the aesthetic of function and industry, Steele draws parallels from the made-made and human ...

Constant/Change Highlight: Karmimadeebora McMillan
GreenHill Celebrates 40 Years of Winter Show

"My pieces are about imaginary places, mostly colorful abstract landscapes that are an escape and a dose of reality." Karmimadeebora McMillian's artwork features vibrant colors that draw the viewer in. Both her abstract landscapes and figurative works are distinctive in their bright colors and geometric shapes. McMillan writes: "Color and identity go hand in hand in my work. Found black dolls and characters from the Black Panthers Coloring Book, that was created by a subsidiary of the FBI called Cointel, make up the figures that appear in my paintings. I'm creating imaginary spaces where a different story is beginning to unfold. A story told from a southern black female perspective ...