Intern Spotlight: Jackson
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By GreenHill
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Over the past few weeks we have had the pleasure of having Jackson serve as an intern with GreenHill. Jackson comes to us from the Senior Internship program at Noble Academy where students spend three weeks interning with local organizations and businesses that reflect their career interests. Jackson, who wants to be an art teacher, has spent the past few weeks assisting staff at GreenHill and has provided significant help to many of our educational activities.

From preparing materials for art activities in The Studios to helping with programs in The Gallery, Jackson has gotten to experience many of the various programs GreenHill has to offer. Jaymie Meyer, Director of Education adds that “It’s been a joy working with Jackson. The thing I appreciate most about Jackson is that he’s open and ready to do anything. He’s always ready to help and is asking for more things to do. He’s a man of few words but lots of action.” When he is not interning, Jackson can be found drawing, painting, and hanging out with friends. We sat down with Jackson to see what it’s really like behind-the-scenes as a GreenHill intern.

Why were you interested in interning GreenHill?

I’ve had past experience working with art and kids. At school, I help my art teacher with 3rd-8th graders on a regular basis, setting up materials and cleaning around. I want to work in the arts when I get older.

What is a regular day like here?

The first thing I do is get materials ready for group visits, help prepare studios, put up paper on the easel, cut up clay blocks for kids to use. In the afternoon, I spend time helping with any side projects the staff have, moving tables and chairs for evening events, and cleaning up.

Has anything surprised you since interning at GreenHill?

I was kind of surprised it was so familiar, it is a lot like what I do when I help my art teacher at school. I was comfortable here on day one.

Would you consider yourself an artist? Do you have any artistic aspirations?

Yes. I want to keep making art as I get older, I really like drawing and painting. I want to work in the arts, maybe as an art teacher.

What is one of the biggest things you’ve learned from your internship?

On Mondays, GreenHill is closed to the public and it kind of feels like a teacher workday. The different things staff are working on gave me a glimpse of what a workday in the future could look like.

What would you say to someone considering an internship with GreenHill?

If you are interested in working with kids and art, you should do the internship. You can gets lots of experiences, and it’s very relaxed here.


Thank you Jackson for helping us to making GreenHill's programs fabulous and rewarding experiences for children and families!  


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