By Mary Young & Jaymie Meyer
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Serving over 100,000 students, one of our longest running programs,  Artists in the Schools (AIS) was established in 1983 to give 4th grade students in the Guilford County School system the opportunity to meet a working artist and learn about the artistic process, see real works of art and work with the artist on a hands-on project.Through AIS students get the opportunity to find out first-hand what it is like to be an artist and to ask questions such as how they got their start and where they get ideas.


AIS artists are chosen based upon the quality of their work as well as their rapport with elementary age students. This year's artists are Juie Rattley, Senora Lynch, Mariana Pardy, Toni Lindahl and Les Caison. Each of these artists has a special talent for communicating to students the importance of art in our daily lives. The impact that the AIS program has on students is evidenced not only by praise from teachers but also by the unsolicited stories heard in ArtQuest about 'this artist that visited my classroom' from students who had an AIS program in their school. Greenhill is proud to have made these kind of experiences possible for the past 30 years.

This video is collection of photographs from the Artist in Schools program for fourth graders at Montlieu on February 10, 2011. The visiting artist was WSSU/GTCC Professor Juie Rattley, III, who captivated the students with his inspiring stories and led all artists in a hands-on collage workshop:

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