No time to make a visit to our gallery? We can bring art to you. Our traveling trunks give kids a first-hand look at art created by North Carolina artists and do something they don't get to do in a traditional gallery or museum - TOUCH!

By hosting one of our extraordinary Traveling Trunks, you'll receive all the benefits of a rewarding trip to a fine museum in your own classroom or media center. Each trunk is presented by a trained GreenHill docent who will lead the students through an examination and discussion of the artwork in each trunk.

ANIMALS IN ART – PreK -  1st grade

The colorful, touchable works invite children to experience the art world through artists' renditions of creatures the students already know and love. Curriculum Connection: Science

OVER AND UNDER - 2nd grade

Second graders will discover that art is prevalent in everyday objects and that mathematics play an important role in their creation. Curriculum Connection: Math

BY MANY HANDS - 3rd grade

Take a multicultural journey through art that represents the cultural legacy of talented North Carolinian artists. These works promote awareness of the many artistic traditions of North Carolina. Curriculum Connection: Social Studies

TOUCH THE PAST - 4th grade

Explore traditional artwork created by North Carolina's Native American tribes. This trunk includes both ceremonial and functional objects for students to enjoy. Curriculum Connection: Social Studies

CAROLINA CLAY - 5th grade

Experience a collection of objects that span North Carolina's rich clay tradition. Begin with samples of functional burnished coil pots and move on to purely decorative and conceptual clay pieces. Students will come away with an appreciation for the clay artistry and talent that North Carolina is well-known for. Curriculum Connection: Social Studies, Science

FREE to Guilford County Schools

30 children maximum per presentation

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