Rising 4th-6th

June 26-30 - Café Monet | LED BY: Laura Maruzzella

An adventure in paint for the young artist who wants to try it all! Campers will create works with watercolor, tempera and acrylic paints while learning about the cultural origins of artists such as Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso. Creative projects such as abstract splatter paintings, watercolor landscapes, and painting without a paintbrush will introduce campers to both traditional and alternative painting techniques. Campers will create a portfolio of works to keep at the end of the week. 

July 17-21 - Art Squad | LED BY: Jaymie Meyer

It’s a week-long mish-mash of mystery and art. Scavenger hunts, art games and drama will abound as detective teams solve art crimes – everything from identifying forgeries to catching the thief who stole the world’s most expensive painting from the famous Hoi Te Toi Te Gallery in France (could be someone on your own team!) Campers will get to select a character to become during a week of intrigue and art.