Rising 1st– 3rd grade

 June 15-19 | Draw Paint Sculpt

The name says it all during this week of favorite art activities. Campers will learn exciting new techniques each day while exploring mediums such as charcoal, pastels, watercolor, acrylics, clay, and plaster giving campers the chance to express themselves in imaginative  ways.  


June 22-26 | Full STEAM Ahead

It’s Michelangelo meets Einstein in this “STEAM-y” week of creative problem solving. Campers will stir up a magical concoction of investigation, innovation and imagination as they tackle traditional favorites (hint: slime may be involved) and feats of engineering like: playdough as a building material, the origami challenge, rainbow science and more! The grand finale will be the always exciting egg drop contest.


July 13-17 | Art Expedition

Grab your passport and pack your bags for a trip around the world in just 5 days! Campers will learn the rich artistic histories and traditions of cultures near and far through hands-on art activities in a variety of art mediums.


July 20-24 | Paper Palooza

Art, paper, scissors, GO! Explore the many creative possibilities that a piece of paper can become. From paper making, to marbling paper, to 3D sculptures, campers will experience the transformative process of an everyday material.


August 10-14 | Picasso's Paint Party

This Summer you are invited to party with Picasso and friends! From Cubism to Abstract Expressionism, campers will experience painting in a brand-new way. Pollack, Van Gogh, Picasso and more will inspire and instill an appreciation for the world of art through hands-on learning.