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Winter Show Curator Pick #3
Winter Show Curator Pick #3

Before attending UNCG where he received his MFA, Juie Rattley III grew up in Columbus County watching his father restore classic cars. The long hours his dad spent working on his prized 1962 Chevy Impala are images Ratley has channeled into his latest series of paintings:  “Some of my fondest memories of the 1962 Chevy Impala was of my father working on it day and night, the completion of the project, and the weekend cruising.”  Rattley’s vivid palette and method of applying pure pigments directly to the ground celebrates the parallels between his painting process and his father’s passion for cars.  “My love for these classic vehicles continued ...

In the Studio with Katie St.Clair
Winter Show Curator Pick #3

IN THE STUDIO WITH KATIE ST.CLAIRRight now through November 5, 2017, we’ve got five really cool artists in GreenHill’s InFocus Gallery for a show entitled Obersvational Abstraction. We’re going to introduce you to those 5 artists over the next few weeks. First up: Katie St. Clair.InFocus Gallery aims to fulfill GreenHill’s mission to support North Carolina artists by encouraging a thriving NC art market. We invite individuals and corporations, whether first-time art buyers or seasoned collectors, to work with the GreenHill team to find the perfect piece for your space, taste, and budget – and get to know the artists in your own back yard! Katie’s ...

Winter Show Curator Pick #3

AUGUST | ARTIST OF THE MONTH | HOLLIS GABRIELHollis Gabriel’s intricate, meditative paintings call to mind prayer labyrinths – those circular paths you might find at a park or a church. A labyrinth is different from a maze because there’s only one path to follow; it winds around and around, folds back in on itself, and usually takes a lot longer to complete than it seems like it should. Like a labyrinth, Gabriel’s lines invite your eye to meander. Her tight brushwork unfolds into imaginative networks that seem as much like a circuit board as an aerial city-scape. She turns many of her original paintings into fabric patterns for wearable scarves and shawls. Her ...

Winter Show Curator Pick #3

OCTOBER | ARTIST OF THE MONTH | BRANDON CORDREYBy: Toni Tronu This month I am super excited to introduce Brandon Cordrey, a mixed media collage artist, living in Raleigh, North Carolina. His works’ content frequently focuses on information transfer, thinking of humans as data processing units. He earned his BFA from East Carolina University in Painting and Drawing and his work has been exhibited across the state of North Carolina and Tennessee.I chose Brandon because many people feel berated by the amount of information they have to decipher on a day to day basis. Not only is his work hyper-relevant, but it seems to express these issues through a layered canvas with ...