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Pop-Up Resident: Jay Squid
Pop-Up Resident: Jay Squid

POP-UP RESIDENT JAYSQUID JaySquid is a self-taught visual artist from Greensboro, NC who is joining us April 27 to May 6 as our Pop-Up Artist Resident. She will be working in The ArtQuest Studios on an interactive public art piece called “The Box of Dreams"- a freestanding box large enough for people to walk inside, made of cardboard and paper. Participants are invited to anonymously submit their dreams and aspirations in life that will later be used to cover the insides and outsides of the box.She says about her work: “It doesn’t matter how old you are, if you’ve given up on your dreams or if you’re in the process of obtaining them, I want to show people ...

Pop-Up Resident: Dare Coulter
Pop-Up Resident: Jay Squid

 MARCH POP-UP RESIDENT | DARE COULTER GreenHill is excited to welcome Dare Coulter as our first Pop-Up Resident of 2016! Dare recently graduated with a degree in Art & Design from The School of Design at NC State University and works as a sculptor, illustrator, and muralist. She comes to the Pop-Up Residency with boundless ideas and an infectious energy. She has a history of working closely with portraiture and the human body and makes this an important part of her vision for her residency.   Dare says about her work, “Faces have an untapped potential with art because of our innate understanding of how they convey emotion. You can make ...

Pop-Up Resident: Ann Tilley
Pop-Up Resident: Jay Squid

  NOVEMBER POP-UP RESIDENT | ANN TILLEY Since last Wednesday we’ve had the pleasure of having Ann Tilley join ArtQuest as a Pop-up Resident. Here’s why we don’t want her to leave: When considering an artist for Pop-up Residence at Greenhill we like to make sure that they possess a certain charm. A charm that I think ArtQuest is known for. Tilley brought just that! Her knitted and crocheted works bring together her love of poetry and typography, as well as symbolism through her own personal experiences. Her rich knowledge of textiles gives you that warm feeling you’re looking for this time of year. Not to mention, her charming knitting machine she uses for ...

Pop-Up Resident: Gracelee Lawrence
Pop-Up Resident: Jay Squid

What is an artist residency? ‘Surely,’ you say, ‘I know what that means.’ You’ll probably suggest that it’s when an artistic person stays at some institution under a sort of program that allows them to create work for a period of time.However, in practice, artist residencies focus heavily on cultural immersion. Common questions are: how much can we embed this artist in our community and, as a result, what will they stir up? What will they make? What sort of cultural exchange will occur?Greenhill strives to introduce vastly different artists into Greensboro’s ever-changing artist scene. Our last resident was Allison Luce who combined clay and collage ...

Announcing Our First Pop-Up Resident, Allison Luce
Pop-Up Resident: Jay Squid

Allison Luce, Ancient Expanse, Asbury University, Wilmore, KY, 2012,’ fired clay oxides, mixed media, 27.5’ x 10’We are excited to announce our first 10-day Pop-Up resident, Allison Luce. Luce will work in the ArtQuest studios during regular business hours from May 27 – June 5, 2015. In addition to her studio hours she will be available for visitors during Free Family Night on June 3 (5-7pm) and First Friday on June 5 (6-9pm).Luce graduated with dual BFA degrees in Painting and Art History from Ohio University and an MFA from Hunter College, City University of New York. Currently, she lives and works in Charlotte, North Carolina where she is a studio artist and ...