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By Hannah Gray, Marketing & Design Intern
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Our Marketing & Design Intern, Hannah Gray, had the opportunity to talk with some of our Speaking in Species artists. In this Q&A, Hannah learns how Belmont artist Nathan Rose came into woodworking. 

How did you come to put your studio in Belmont? 

Well, I’m from Charlotte. Although I’ve lived many other places, I’ve come back to Charlotte. Actually I met my wife outside of Charlotte – she lives in Charlotte – so I came back to be with her. But I’ve had a love/hate affair with Charlotte… I came back there and I was ready to get a little ways away out of town, away from Center City. That’s why we moved there. Found a great studio space because space in Charlotte was becoming so unaffordable. My last shop before I moved, they tore it down to make room for the new Lightrail, so I had to look for another shop

How do you choose which wood to use?

I’ve been collecting different species of wood for about 17-18 years, so I have a large collection of wood.

Is it all local?

Local to western North Carolina. So from around the Charlotte area to the mountains is where I get my trees. As far as species, it depends on the project, you know? Whether someone has a request for something – a specific species – or whether like this (Rose points to Hall Tree), I was looking for a shape and a size of a log.

Which do you feel is more important in your work: functionality or aesthetics?

Functionality. I’m a functional artist.

Why do you do what you do?

I’ve been working in wood for 37 years now, and it still fascinates me. I love the medium and I can’t think of anything else, or any other thing that excites me as much as wood does.

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