Pop-Up Artist: Micah Daw
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By GreenHill
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Artist Statement:


Micah Daw sources images, patterns and geometric forms from his immediate surroundings. Working and reworking his paintings by layering a multitude of images he seeks to create a sense of flux or destabilization in his work. His paintings and drawings explore a tension between depth and flatness where negative space is just a valid as positive space. Consequentially, Micah’s work stakes out an intermediary space, a passage point or a point of intersection that suggests transitional movement.

Since 2004, Micah Daw has been exhibiting his work in art galleries in Gainesville FL, Columbus OH, Philadelphia PA, and at the Cue Foundation in New York. In 2010, Micah was awarded the Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant. Micah is also a dedicated art educator and has work as an instructor for the University of Florida and Santa Fe College for several years. Micah moved to Greensboro, NC in 2017 to accompany his wife as she pursues her Doctorate in Piano Performance at U.N.C.G. Micah maintains an active studio practice at Greensboro's 205 Collaborative in addition to teaching at Elon University and Davidson County Community College.


Culminating in a public exhibition for First Friday on June 7th, Micah invites guests to enter the fractured landscapes and dive into the colors.

For his residency, Micah brings us paintings covered with bright colors and bold shapes creating compositions that offer conflicting illusions of space, time, perception, and existence.  Spaces which simultaneously pull and push, relate and isolate, start and stop.  The colors create an inviting sense of depth which is ultimately halted by flat, digitally inspired designs.   Daw describes his pieces as “fugitive frames, a schizophrenic flow of images symbolizing the internet”.  Such imagery is found, subtly tucked within each layer of his abstract paintings.

For more information on Micah Daw and to keep up with his work, visit m.d.a.w@instgram.com