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Mario Gallucci, a beloved former staff member of Greenhill sent us an update on what he's been up to this past year in Portland, Oregon.  


I have officially finished my first year of graduate school at Pacific Northwest College of Art (and been officially gone from Greenhill for a year). My experience in Portland has been amazing, and I feel as if my artistic life has flashed forward 10 years. In the past year, I've probably read 2000 pages of art and critical theory and been in the studio almost every day. Our first year rounds out with a first year show at a contemporary art venue called Disjecta. The name of our show is "Versus" and it just opened up this past Saturday night. Included in this email are some images of work that I have in that show. If you want to see more images of the exhibition and the opening, head over to the blog for the show.


If you'd like to see more of the work I've been doing, head over to my website: I also have a solo show up in a gallery on campus this month called "Resist Is Rest" which is documented on my site. Finally, I would like to proudly announce that I am now officially an internationally exhibiting artist, as I was in a show in Alberta Canada entitled "Encoding Identities" back in March.


Mario Gallucci

PNCA MFA in Visual Studies 2014

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