GreenHill's Annual Meeting I Cocktails & Good Eats
By Laura Way, Executive Director
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Each June GreenHill hosts its Annual Meeting, giving our members an opportunity to have a quick look back at the year we are closing and to learn more about the upcoming year. The staff looks forward to this meeting because they too get a chance to think about what we accomplished over the last 12 months and look forward to what is exciting about the upcoming year. We also like to have speakers who are contributing to the artworld in different ways; over the years we invited the executive directors of Grand Rapid’s ArtPrize, Center for Craft Creativity + Design and NC Museum of Art. We put a special emphasis on speakers who talk about collecting original art—so this year we invited an artist and art consultant, Phil Sanders, who will talk with us about collecting art from living artists. He will address how you, the buyer, can make a difference in building an artist’s legacy as well as your own as you meet artist and support them throughout their careers. As Phil once said to me, "You can buy a Picasso and his legacy will not change a lick for it, but you buy work of a living artist and you may change their entire career trajectory." I like that! 




All of this said, a meeting is still a meeting, and while we may love it, we wanted to add a little extra pizzazz. Hence, the Quintessential Southern Cocktail Competition and Good Eats Auction. We have four wonderful downtown restaurants participating, sending along their best mixologists who have to compete with our favorite mixologist and board member Dabney Sanders. Dabney along withher husband Walker Sanders are able and ready to take on these professionals to see who makes the best southern cocktail. Maker’s Mark, TM is supporting the competition with their bourbon, vodka and gin.  So, if we are thinking cocktails, might as well think food…with some really cool cooking related experiences, including a backyard oyster roast, beer and cider making, to pasta and sauces demonstrations, authentic tamales, and a wonderful half day looking out over Lake Norman, sipping wine while you make and toss the best pizza ever. to get a full description be sure to see our catalogue . Come out on June 21 to learn something you did not know about GreenHill, talk about collecting art, and then to join in on savoring and then voting on the best of the complex concoctions of the mixologists while you dream and bid on that great food experience. To access the Catalogue, click HERE!