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By Laura Maruzzella
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Over the past six months we have been honored to have Matthew serve as a volunteer with GreenHill. Matthew comes to us from the Occupational Course of Study program at Grimsley High School where students volunteer with local organizations to gain job readiness skills. Matthew has already acquired over 300 hours volunteering with the ArtQuest Studios at GreenHill and provides significant help to many of our education programs.

From preparing materials for ArtQuest Studio activities to helping with programs in The Gallery, Matthew has experienced all that GreenHill has to offer. Jaymie Meyer, Director of Youth and Adult Education Programs, adds that “Matthew's way of being in the world is so happy, and he is so helpful. He has a calming effect on me”. When he is not volunteering, Matthew can be found drawing, playing guitar, or getting around town on his skateboard. We sat down with Matthew to see what it’s really like behind-the-scenes as a GreenHill volunteer.


What is the best thing about volunteering in the ArtQuest Studios everyday?

Helping and making a difference. I am very organized and like to use my skills here. The best part is being able to help.

What is a regular day like for a GreenHill volunteer?

Exciting! Every day is brand new-there’s always something to do. I’ve helped out in the ArtQuest Studios and The Gallery. There is always lots of cleaning- I help set up materials for group visits, clean and organize art supplies and set up programs in The Gallery. Most recently I helped out Ms. Erin with getting The Gallery ready for an Artist Talk.   



What does it mean to be a GreenHill volunteer?

This is the best thing I’ve ever gotten to do. I used to come to the ArtQuest Studios when I was younger with my siblings. My favorite thing to do was sculpt with clay, and make art in The Scrap Lab.

Would you consider yourself an artist? Do you have any artistic aspirations?

Yes, I’m a cartoonist and a guitar player. I’ve been drawing since the 3rd grade and started playing guitar my freshman year of high school. I plan on making animated cartoons after graduation. 


What is the best thing about art?

My favorite thing about art is that it is the most convenient way to express your thoughts in a creative manner. Art can be anything, it can be visual, digital, music or food. It’s just your way of showing your true personality to people.


What would you say to someone considering volunteering with GreenHill?

Take the opportunity- you can do it!


Thank you Matthew for helping us to making GreenHill's programs fabulous and rewarding experiences for children and families!  


For more information about volunteering with GreenHill, visit here: http://www.greenhillnc.org/intern-volunteer