By Toni Tronu, Manager of The Shop at Greenhill
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It is so hard to find an adequate gift for my mom on Mother’s Day. What could possibly be bought that communicates the amount of appreciation I am trying to relay? I recognize you are probably going through this too, so I have worked very hard to acquire a unique selection of hand crafted gifts that can accompany you on your Mother’s Day journey.

Starting out with a card…This is where you can say….

“Hey mom thanks for taking care of Jeankeys, our dog that I promised I would take care of, but really youuuuu took care of him."

Rhianna Wurman of ElloLovely in Asheville, Mom, I Love You card, $4.50


Jayme Hennel of Hennel Paper Co. in Charlotte, Nicely Done! Card, $4.50


And then maybe follow up with a piece of jewelry or a pretty scarf…

“Hey mom thanks for letting me borrow that jewelry that I promised to be careful with and then lost while swimming in the Gulf of Mexico.” 


Alice Scott of Symbology in Pinecrest, Infinity Wreath Necklace, sterling silver, $86




Kristin Gibson in Carolina Beach, hand painted silk scarves, $60 each


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