Catching up with Pop-Up Artist Gracelee Lawrence
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By GreenHill
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This year GreenHill's Pop-Up Artist Residency celebrated its 2nd birthday! To date we have had 10 artists participate in our program, which brings local artists into the ArtQuest Studios to share their work with children and families over a 10 day period. Artists submit a project description of what they would like to do while in residence, with an emphasis on how their work will engage the variety of visitors we have at GreenHill. As we begin our third year of this program, we are catching up with some of our past Pop-Up Artist Residents to see what they are working on now.

GreenHill is currently accepting submissions for our Fall 2017 and Spring 2018 Pop-Up Residencies. To read more about the program and to apply, visit here.

Remember Pop-Up Artist Gracelee Lawrence? She was the second resident to come through our program in September of 2015- and since that time she has been up to many amazing creative endeavors. Gracelee graduated from  University of Texas at Austin with a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture + Extended Media. Her work examines the systems and structures of control around bodies, in particular the female body, using food as a reference and replacement in sculptures, fountains, videos and drawings. Gracelee utilized her residency with GreenHill to create collaborative videos featuring visitors in the ArtQuest Studios. Community members created sculptures out of food materials while being filmed for Gracelee’s finalized video piece.

Gracelee has recently returned from 15 months living and working in Chiang Mai, Thailand as a Visiting Artist at Chiang Mai University on a Luce Scholars Fellowship. In Thailand, Gracelee assisted internationally renowned artist Araya Rasdjarmrearnsook and taught at Chiang Mai University while continuing to show and curate work throughout Thailand.

Gracelee is a part of the collective MATERIAL GIRLS, a group of female identified sculptors creating collaborative exhibitions in the New York area during 2017 and expanding to Texas and beyond in 2018. To stay up to date with Gracelee’s work -and to see what creative adventure she will be taking next,  visit her website