All visual artists exhibited at GreenHill are significantly involved in the North Carolina arts community. Some of the artists we work with are born and raised North Carolinian, while others chose to live, work, or study in our state. Supporting these artists is the core of our mission. We exist to strengthen their careers creatively and financially. We recognize the interdisciplinary nature of contemporary art and advocate to expand support of all artists – dancers, musicians, poets, and more – because we are committed to the idea that a thriving arts community is essential to the well-being of North Carolina’s culture and economy.



Submit the best examples of your most recent work for consideration to exhibit in GreenHill’s gallery or shop. When reviewing artwork submissions, our team considers the extent to which an artist displays:

  • Mastery of craftsmanship, technique, or design
  • Creativity and originality of concept or process
  • Evidence of a dedicated artistic practice

Next, artwork selections are made to fit within the scope of our exhibition plans. Attention is given to representing a variety of artistic mediums in a range of prices. The majority of exhibitions at GreenHill are invitational and are planned 2-3 years in advance. Our shop consigns artwork on an as-needed basis. Our Curatorial team, Shop Manager, and Executive Director review each submission on an on-going basis, but are unable to respond to every submission. We encourage you to submit new work once a year to keep us abreast of your studio practice.



Musicians, creative writers, poets, performers, visual artists and creators of all backgrounds are encouraged to apply!

GreenHill’s Pop-Up Residency is a 10-day program in which selected NC artists create and showcase their works in the studios. A Pop-Up Residency is perfect for the artist who enjoys the interaction with visitors and likes to engage in active conversations about creative practices. Our goal is for the artist to be energized by the interactions and for the visitor to deepen their experience at GreenHill and help them make connections between the works in the gallery and an artist’s creative process.

Pop-Up Residency is a competitive process with applications accepted on an on-going basis. Materials stipend of $200 is provided for each selected artist as well as access to some of the resources of the studios. 



NC artists are invited to present 15 images of your artwork during a five-minute slideshow and get feedback from GreenHill Director of Curatorial & Artistic Programs Edie Carpenter and other arts professionals.